Use a tape to mesure the bust, waist and pelvis sizes

- Bust size : Place the tape around your back and bring it across the fullest part of your bust. Arms should be relaxed, down at the sides.
- Waist size : This is the smallest part of the waist. Typically above the belly button. Also known as the natural waistline. 
- Pelvis size: This is the widest part of the pelvis.



CLOTHES - Le Vestiaire de Jeanne  

Clothes by "Le Vestiaire de Jeanne" are rather large and fits distantly for the lines of the body


Clothe size Size (French)
T0 36
T1 38
T2 40
T3 42



SWIMSUITS - Baie Brune

Bust size (cm) waist size (cm) Pelvis size (cm) Size
82/86 62/66  88/92 36
86/90 66/70 92/96 38
90/94  70/74 96/100 40
94/98 74/78 100/104 42




Guide des tailles de collier