GARANCE CASSIEN is primaly based on the wish of two good friends to getting close to genuine and deep values, therefore creating GARANCE CASSIEN in 2017 to start a new adventure.

Garance women are sensitive as well as strong and determined as the actress Arletty in the movie "Les Enfants du Paradis". Garance, the madder root, a plant used by dyers, is also well-known for its distinctive red colour. Cassien is a male name with latin roots willing to demonstrate that everything is possible in life.

Both ancient and rare name represent well GARANCE CASSIEN products and values : authenticity, chic, terroir, unisex and unique.



GARANCE CASSIEN enables you to discover French creative artisan products through everyday items.

From living room to dressing room, from kitchen to bathroom, this concept store is created as a living space where each home is able to include some unique and authentic French products. Each item is the fruit of passionate and patient work of artisans, and creative designers or artists who, through their sensivity and imagination, transform a few ounces of material into a real piece of art pleasing to our senses.

In its constant search of innovation, GARANCE CASSIEN offers the possibility to create its own style for those who reject fashion and design standards, wishing to bring an original touch to their home using French interior decorator products.