La Petite Etoile

La Petite Etoile - Exclusive line for GARANCE CASSIEN @GARANCE CASSIEN


From early childhood, Berengere DENOYES imagines and creates jewelry, leatherwork, couture ... Berengere produces and creates!

Later on, sewing becomes obvious: four years ago, Berengere DENOYES launched her own brand "La Petite Etoile", exclusively dedicated to the well-beeing of children, for the greatest joy of parents! A lovely mix is then born from her original work : a at-home nanny, and fashion designer.

La Petite Etoile - Exclusive line ongoing for GARANCE CASSIEN @GARANCE CASSIEN


Détail tissu exclusivité GARANCE CASSIEN- @La Petite Etoile
Looking at her work, it is easy to see that Berengere is both looking for detail and perfection. Her personality shows in each and every creation inspired by the subtle soft shades and silky feel of Liberty fabrics.


"In order to obtain a pleasing product, patience is the key !

The finishing of my creation must be perfect !

I never stop working until I reach my aim."


In April 2017, Berengere DENOYES joined the "Haut les Mains" creators association from Toulouse.

You'll be able to meet her in the temporary boutique in downtown Toulouse at:

Haut les Mains, 8 rue Jules-Chalande, Toulouse

Haut les Mains Shop - @HAUT LES MAINS


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