L'Art du Bain

L'Art du Bain <p>L'Art du Bain, a French soft Moorish print soap with a jewel pearl, for hygiene but also decoration of your bathroom.</p>|strip_tags

Jewel Soap Empreinte - Limited Edition
L'Art du Bain

Soaps but not just any soap!

A natural composition for a unique soap with sunny and bewitching scents from foreign courtries, and inspiring prints, embellished with pretty berber beads that will make you travel.

A true delight for all the senses, delivered in a box of light silkscreened by hand with gold powder. Ideal as decoration, it is also rechargeable!

Several scents to discover below, in the description tab:

- Amber: the heading scent of amber, with exfoliating ginger powder.
- Orange blossom: with the delicate Mediterranean mythical scent of orange blossoms.
- Louise Louisa: Exotic Verbena and lemon peels, refreshing and greedy.
- Moroccan Tea Time: The light scent of a mint tea.
- Oriental Rose: Delicate fragrance of rose, sandalwood and patchouli.

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